The AWARE Story

The story of sustainability is a long one. It has countless editions, chapters, and pages with a seemingly endless number of ways that we can continue to improve our decision-making, material selection, and manufacturing processes.

The materials that make up this unique exhibit come from manufacturers who believe in a brighter future and have made conscious efforts to reinvent their processes and material selections for the betterment of our industry and communities. In contrast, this exhibit also interweaves products from non-sustainably sourced methods. The mixture of these two extremes represents progress and highlights our current efforts toward a fully sustainable future.

Through the AWARE experiential art installation, our goal is to inspire you and remind you, via this artistic medium, of the importance of sustainable efforts and that, as a community, our advocation for sustainability awareness is the first step.

Hear From These Sustainability Experts
and many others.

Melissa Mattes | Senior Lighting Designer, Sustainability Specialist Sladen Feinstein

Benjamin Rapkin | General Manager Lightly

Sohana Arni | Director of Marketing + Design (3D Printing) Cooper Lighting Solutions

Kate Hickcox | Energy + Environment Research Scientist Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PNNL

AWARENESS of any subject matter is the foundation that provokes and enables change. It’s the heartbeat of momentum and leads to extraordinary outcomes when communities unite to become more aware of any topic simultaneously.”

Jonathan Ayala | Co-Founder & Principal Your Lighting Brand & The Lighting Exchange

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