American Linear Lighting 2R Product Highlight

American Linear Lighting 2R

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. The numbers don’t lie, over the past decade, slim linear recessed slot products have really eaten into the share of traditional troffers that historically would be a go to for many schools, offices and public spaces when it comes to general purpose lighting. Today, we have the 2R by American Linear Lighting on hand, and here is what you need to know.

When we look at a visual comparison between a linear slot product, it’s easy to see why an architect or designer will reach for the linear option; it’s sleek, has a smaller footprint, and can lend itself to creative patterns of light at the ceiling plane, but since it is a significantly smaller form factor, making sure that the linear product meets quality light standards such as low-glare and high efficacy, should always be at the forefront.

Let’s talk about fixture output. The 2R by American Linear Lighting provides low, medium and high-lumen output options weighing in at 500, 750 and 1000 lumens per ft. which is directly comparable to a low output 2x2 troffer. The 2R also provides a custom output option for applications that may have higher ceilings or require higher light levels.

Now, let’s talk about visual comfort which should balance the fixture horsepower with a level of comfort in the space. The 2R product provides multiple CCT options so you can dial in the proper color temperature, the lens provides a diffuse glow, free from direct view of any diodes or striations, and also includes 0-10v dimming down to 1% as a standard to achieve the perfect balance of footcandles at the workplane, with a glare free environment.

Lastly, let’s talk about mounting options, because not all ceilings are the same. The 2R by American Linear Lighting provides multiple mounting options such as a 1” and 9/16” T and TEG grid, Screw slot grid, overlapping flange and a spackle flange.

To learn more about this product, search for the 2R within The Lighting Exchange, head over to the ALL website at or chat with your local lighting agent and get your hands on a physical sample.