Exporlux Magic Product Highlight

Exporlux Magic

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. We’ve recently been asked by a leading design firm in Seattle if we would select and highlight a product with extremely unique materials or finishes and after scrubbing through the 120k+ products within The Lighting Exchange, we’ve found the perfect fixture family to share. Today, we have a family of products made from organic cork, and here is what you need to know.

This product family by NAL Lighting group’s brand Exporlux, is wrapped in a beautiful and alluring organic cork material, which, in combination with the extruded aluminum body, is extremely lightweight. These products come in pendant, wall and linear versions, such as the Magic cork product here, which is a versatile system of modular profiles; straight, arched, inner cork joints and tops that can either stand out if desired, or perfectly adapted to the geometry of any space.

When configuring a layout with this product, designers can connect fixtures using a number of connectors including a radius cork corner, a triple and/or quadruple union, and when the fixture run comes to an end, it will be met with a seamless beveled cork end cap.

To accent the suspended linear products, the wall mounted cork product, called Quadri, is a simple and elegant wall sconce, backed by extruded aluminum, and is available with a single optic for either up or down light, or a double optic if both are desired.

The entire cork family is available in 3 different color hues and is a natural fit for Retail, Offices, High-end residential and a number of other applications.

This fixture family is truly one-of-a-kind and when you’re looking for a unique product to compliment your space, the cork family by NAL Lighting Group’s Expolux brand, is the perfect balance of form and function, with the added benefit of providing a warming and naturalistic quality to any interior architectural application.

To learn more, search for this family of organic cork products within The Lighting Exchange, head over to NAL Lighting Group’s website at nallightinggroup.com or chat with your local lighting agent to get your hands on a physical sample.