Extant Huntington T-Grid

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Have you ever designed a ceiling plan and thought to yourself, how can I turn a basic t-grid lay-in ceiling into an intentional architectural feature of the space? Well if you replied yes to that question (or if you are a human), then you’re going to want to stick around. Today, we have the Huntington Series surface mount T-Grid luminaires by Extant on hand, and here is what you need to know.

The Huntington 1” and 3” surface t-grid luminaires are designed and intended to work directly with a variety of ceiling grid types like 15/16”, 9/16” Tegular or lay-in. Now when you think of a t-grid ceiling application, you may be thinking of standard 2x2 or 2x4 dimensions, but with these Extant t-grid luminaires, you are not regulated to these nominal lengths like you would be with a standard troffer or other surface linear product…you can actually specify these architectural products in 3” increments starting at a 1’ minimum length. So if you need a 97’-3” row, Extant has you covered…and with continuous lensing for up to 400’ without lens breaks or light leaks, you’ll end up with a beautiful continuous line of light.

In addition to continuous rows, Extant has equipped this series of products with mitered corners that are fully luminous, and allow for designers to create virtually any sized square, rectangle, U or L pattern with precision thanks to Extant’s innovative fixture connectability and tooless latch system.

The Huntington t-grid fixtures ship with the cadi-clips and provide contractors with an extremely simple installation method, allowing you to mount directly to the grid..or, if you are in jurisdictions that require fixtures to have additional support, the cadi-clips work with supplemental supports like hanger-wire as well.

Now let’s talk about light output and distribution, because although this fixture is extremely small…approx. and inch to an inch and a half from the ceiling line, this product retains the coveted MEO Optics that Extant is so widely known for. Whether you are designing for an open space, a narrow corridor, wall washing an accent wall or a combination of each, the MEO optics provides designers with several photometric options that can optimize fixture spacing and reduce quantity and over all material costs.

To learn more about these products, search for the Huntington T-Grid luminaires within The Lighting Exchange, visit Extant’s website at www.extantlighting.com or chat with your local lighting agent to get your hands on physical samples.