Fail Safe GAC & GAW Product Highlight

Fail-Safe GAC & GAW

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Within the past year and a half, The Lighting Exchange added a new disinfection category, to make room for some of the most talked about products and technologies that specifically deal with GUV (germicidal ultraviolet) and UVC lighting. Since opening up the disinfection category within North America, we have had thousands of search queries on the topic and also, specific requests by the engineering community, to learn more about the technology and the options that are available to them. Well, today we have the GAW and GAC disinfection products by Cooper Lighting Solutions on hand, and here is what you need to know.

One of the most important things to consider for room occupants is UVC safety and the GAW and GAC products by Cooper Lighting Solutions are designed with that in mind. These particular products work by distributing UV-C light in the upper air, guarding room occupants from direct exposure to UV-C. The result is a circulation of air that is constantly cleaned and is equivalent to 20 air changes per hour.

Next, let’s talk about effective rates. These upper air UV-C solutions were shown to inactivate over 92% of airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19. *Cooper Lighting Solutions’ wall mount and ceiling mount upper air UV-C luminaires were tested for SARS-CoV-2 in Innovative Bioanalysis Lab where the wall-mounted luminaire achieved 99.9% reduction in 10 minutes and the ceiling mount luminaire achieved 92.6% reduction in 20 minutes. The luminaries were also tested for E. Coli at the Intertek Lab where both luminaires achieved 99.9% reduction in 45 minutes.​

One of the really nice things about these fixtures is that no control systems are required to operate them and in addition to its stand-alone independence, there is no additional demand on the HVAC system. To learn more about these products, search for the GAW and GAC within The Lighting Exchange disinfection category, head over to the Cooper website at or chat with your local lighting agent to get your hands on a physical sample.