Isolite BUG Product Highlight

Isolite BUG

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Let’s talk egress. When the lights go out, you need a safe and reliable way to find your way to an exit or a safe zone. Today, we have the BUG series by Isolite on hand, and here is what you need to know.

A form of Egress, by code, is required and provides a critical function for every building and building occupant. Depending on the application or targeted area, for example, egress paths may be illuminated at an average level of 1 fc, with a minimum level of 0.1 fc; the maximum-to-minimum illumination ratio must be 40:1 or less and emergency lighting must remain illuminated for at least 90 minutes.

To meet these requirements, the BUG series by Isolite provides a 3-watt and 6-watt LED version, both with an eco-friendly, long life, high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with a UL Listed 90 minute run-time. Each lamp includes 3 led diodes and is adjustable to allow engineers, egress experts, and contractors the adjustability needed to aim the fixtures properly, to achieve the egress code requirements. This incredibly small egress fixture has a 5VA flame rating, has a self-diagnostic option and can still power additional remote heads as needed.

To learn more about additional features for this product, search for the BUG within The Lighting Exchange, head over to the Isolite website at or chat with your local lighting agent to get your hands on a physical sample.