Isolite ELT Series

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Today, we are talking about emergency lighting and more specifically, edge-lit exit signs. Nearly every new construction project specified within The Lighting Exchange has some form or emergency lighting listed, from remote heads to large vessel inverter systems, but few are as sleek as the ELT by Isolite. Maestro, roll the intro.

The beautiful thing about edge-lit lighting is that it provides an opportunity to challenge the form factor of traditional thermoplastic exit signs while still providing all of the core essentials needed for safe code compliant egress.

The ELT recessed housing conceals a premium long-life, high-temperature fused nickel cadmium battery listing a 3-hour run time, it includes a diagnostic system standard, and holds the necessary code certs such as NFPA 101 Life Safety, Title 20 Compliance and UL 924 to name a few and the backbox is IC rated and meets New York specifications.

One of our favorite features on this elite model by Isolite, is the “Snap in Lens” for easy installation. Contractors will love that the backbox can be pre-installed at the job-site during the construction rough-in phase and once ready, the lens can simply be snapped into place for the final touch. Hats off to you, Isolite.

To learn more about this elegant architectural exit sign, search for the ELT on The Lighting Exchange, head over to Isolite’s website at or chat with your local lighting agent to get your hands on a physical sample.