Meteor Lighting Atria 4

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Not all cylinders are created equally. Sure, they are the same shape and typically come in similar sizes…but not all cylinders are built with a level of unique ingenuity that will stop a designer in their tracks. Today, we have the Atria 4 by Meteor Lighting on hand, and here is what you need to know.

Let’s start by calling out one of the most exciting new Mid-Lit design features which highlights a portion of the product’s mid-section with an unexpected escape of light. Controlled through a DMX interface, this fixture allows for control of the task light and the accent light respectively. This application is increasingly popular in multifunctional spaces such as houses of worship and convention centers where the atmosphere requires a controllable functional light, which is the downlight component, and the desire to also have a token of creative flare. This bifunctional feature provides designers with a magnitude of possibilities that can set just about any mood.

The Atria 4 Cylinder by Meteor Lighting is a luminaire that has illuminated some of the world’s most notable offices. From the McDonald’s and Ferrara Candy Company Headquarters in Chicago, to Netflix HQ in LA, and so many more. It has carried the mantle of being the most powerful 4” cylinder in the market for quite some time, offering up to 5650 delivered lumens.

When getting into the nuts and bolts, this elegant cylinder has many added technologies such as Tunable White, Warm Dim, RGBW color changing, and can also be integrated with BIOS technologies.

To learn more about this product, search for the Atria 4 within The Lighting Exchange, head over to the Meteor Lighting website at or chat with your local lighting agent and get your hands on a physical sample.