Prudential Lighting Gaze

Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. Let’s talk about the power of simple shapes…like circles and squares. Sometimes, simple shapes can make impactful statements. Today, we have the Gaze product by Prudential Lighting on hand, and here is what you need to know.

To be minimal, doesn’t mean to be completely without…it invokes a choice to focus on necessary attributes that make an object functional in its most minimal state and with the Gaze product family, Prudential Lighting proudly pays homage to this exercise in reductionism. The outcome…a focus of clean lines and beautiful, functional light.

Now, before we dive into some of the product highlights, I do want to mention that this product that is currently on the table, is oriented upside down so that we can provide the same viewing angle as if you were underneath the fixture.

The majority of this product is made up of a smooth, even diffusion of light and is available in a clean Hard Edge or a distinctively curved Soft Edge with an undeniably refined shape. In terms of energizing the product, the fixture is Powered over Aircraft Cable (PAC) which eliminates power cord clutter and doubles down on the pursuit of minimalism.

One of my favorite bifunctional features of the Gaze product, is that it can not only be mounted in multiple configurations, such as suspended, wall or ceiling mount, but you can also elect to replace the inner-illuminated components of the product, with acoustic sound absorbing properties. With this added benefit, the Gaze quickly becomes an integral part of any ceiling system.

The Gaze fixture is available in 18˝ – 24˝ – 36˝ sizes, both circle and square shapes, and provides the ability to choose a combination of direct and indirect light levels, to accentuate the ceiling above, the wall behind, or the work plane below the fixture.

To learn more about this product, search for the Gaze Round or Square within The Lighting Exchange, head over to the Prudential website at or chat with your local lighting agent and get your hands on a physical sample.