VISTA PRO 1140 Product Highlight


Video Transcript

Hey there fellow lighting friends. One of my personal favorite product types of all time is one that, based on your line of sight, often goes unseen or unnoticed, but it plays an important role in architectural outdoor lighting…that…is the in-grade lighting category. Today, we have the 1140 In-grade series by Vista Architectural Lighting on hand, and here is what you need to know.

In-grade products typically either blend in with the surrounding hardscapes or stand out to support organic wayfinding. It’s a product type that must be engineered to withstand one of mother nature's most elusive elements, and also gracefully defines surrounding architectural materials.

The 1140 series has a tool-less modular construction with a flow through design on the rough-in section and an IP68 immersion rating. The fixture offers multiple color temperatures to properly accommodate different materials from warmer bricks and stones, to cooler metals and glass. The modular construction also allows Vista to pre-ship the rough-in section in a day or two from their California factory, so that the installer can pour concrete (if needed) and run conduit and electrical ahead of time. This is certainly ideal for construction teams who need to complete important site work, prior to needing the fixtures on-site.

One of the most important considerations for designers when specifying in-grade products, is the variety of distribution options. The 1140 Series by Vista Professional provides several options to choose from including wall wash, wall grazing, narrow, medium and wide flood options, and they also include set-back recommendations so that you can achieve the perfect layout for your architectural and landscape lighting design.

To learn more about this product, search for the 1140 within The Lighting Exchange, head over to the Vista Architectural Lighting website at or chat with your local lighting agent and get your hands on a physical sample.